Third Chapter

Third Chapter: Knowledge Based Questions & Answers.

What is number? What is digit? What is bit? What is byte? What is number system? What is positional number system? What is non-positional number system? What is binary number system? What is decimal number system? What is octal number system? What is hexadecimal number system? What is the base of number system? What is 1’s complement/2’s complement? What is code? What is BCD code? What is ASCII code? What is Unicode? What is Boolean algebra? What is Boolean variable? What is Boolean constant? What is Boolean complement? What is...
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Third Chapter: Comprehension Based Questions & Answers.

What is meant by the base of the number system? Explain it. Why the base of hexadecimal number system is 16? Explain. The next number of 1 is 10. Explain. Why the number (11)10 is called positional number? Which type of number is 3D? Explain. Which type of number is 10101 in number system? Explain. Which type of number is 988? Explain. Is (298)8 valid? –Explain. Explain the positional value of decimal number system. Computer cannot understand (169)10 Explain it. Binary number system is similar to the functions of internal parts of the computer. Explain. Why...
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