First Chapter: Comprehension Based Questions & Answers.

  1. What is meant by social media?
  2. Information Technology dependent world is global village. Explain.
  3. How world comes at hand by means of using internet? Explain.
  4. Why internet is called the backbone of global village? Explain.
  5. Global village is internet dependent system-Explain.
  6. Write down the role of online library in case of education.
  7. “Telemedicine is a kind of service” explain.
  8. “Treatment can be taken sitting at home”-explain.
  9. How e-commerce made buy and sell easier? Explain.
  10.  “Now a days It is more convenient to do shopping sitting at home” –Explain.
  11. “It is possible to earn money sitting at home” explain.
  12. Now a days, It doesn’t need to go to abroad for earning foreign currency-explain.
  13. ICT has created easier ways to earn money for the people who has knowledge of ICT-Explain.
  14. It is possible to touch imagination staying in reality-Explain.
  15. “Using special Technology safe driving training is possible” -explain.
  16.  “Machine can work automatically”- Explain.
  17. Explain the technology used in risky task.
  18. “It is convenient to use Machine worker in risky task”-Explain.
  19. Explain the role of artificial intelligence in robot.
  20. “Artificial Intelligence is an important branch of Computer Science”-Explain.
  21. How is Artificial Intelligence related to medical service? –Explain.
  22. “Computer is a program controlled machine”-Explain.
  23. “It is possible to do operation without bleeding in cryosurgery” –Explain.
  24. “It is possible to do operation without bleeding” – Explain.
  25. Explain the treatment method in low temperature.
  26. “It is possible to give treatment in cooling process”- Explain.
  27. Explain the technology used for identifying an individual.
  28. Bio-metrics is a behavior’s properties dependent technology. Explain.
  29. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using bio-metrics technology?
  30. Using bio-metrics is convenient for office security. Explain.
  31. Which data is used in bioinformatics? Explain.
  32. Write down the advantages and disadvantages of bioinformatics.
  33. What are the impacts of genetic engineering in agriculture sectors? Explain.
  34. Which technology disclose the genetic information of jute? Explain.
  35. Diabetes patients are getting benefited for the recent trend of information technology-explain.
  36. How genetic engineering is helpful for human being? Explain.
  37. Explain the technology used in researching atomic level.
  38. Explain the technology that is used in manufacturing electronic device consuming less electricity.
  39. Nanotechnology makes modern life effective and dynamic. Explain.
  40. Explain the morality of using information and communication technology.
  41. There is possibility of social degradation in information technology. Explain.
  42. “Hacking is an anti-moral activity”-Explain.
  43. Cybercrime is a threat for the technology. Explain.


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