HSC ICT Chapter 1 : Comprehension Based Questions & Answers

How to write answers to a comprehension based question?

‘Comprehension’ refers to the ability to understand the meaning of a topic. It can be the ability to understand any information, policy, formula, rule, procedure, process etc.

Perceptual level is the second level of thinking skills. This question is given in ‘b’. Such questions do not directly ask for textbook-like details. So the student has to explain or describe the content in his own way.

Marks of comprehension based question will be 2. Out of which 1 is for knowledge and 1 is for comprehension.

Comprehension based questions should be answered in two paragraphs. Answers to knowledge section in the first paragraph and understanding section in the second paragraph.

Answers to comprehension based questions should be written in a maximum of five sentences as per the instruction of the Ministry of Education. But there is no problem if it is a little more or less.

In this case, irrelevant words, unnecessary information or redundant accusations cannot be made in the answer to the question.

2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Board Questions

  1. What does social media mean? [Dha. Board-2016]
  2. The information technology dependent world is global village – explain. [Raj. Board-2019]
  3. How the use of internet has brought the world to hand?-Explain.
  4. Information and communication technology has brought the world to our hand – explain. [Di. Board-2019]
  5. “Information Technology and Communication Technology are complementary to each other.”- Explain.  [Raj. Board-2017]
  6. Why is the Internet called the backbone of the global village?-Explain.
  7. global village is internet based system – Explain.
  8. “Connectivity is the backbone of the global village” – explain. [Ma. Board-2017]
  9. Explain the role of online library in education.
  10. “Telemedicine is a type of service” – Explain. [Jes. Board-2016]
  11. “One can take the doctor’s treatment at home” – explain.
  12. How has e-commerce made buying and selling products easier? explain
  13. “E-commerce business has made commerce easier” – Explain. [Ma. Board-2018]
  14. “Shopping at home is more convenient these days” – explain.
  15. “Earning money from home is possible” – Explain.
  16. No need to go abroad to earn foreign exchange anymore – explain.
  17. ICT education has created easy earning opportunities for educated manpower – explain.
  18. It is possible to touch the imagination while standing in reality – explain. [Syl. Board-2017]
  19. “Technology makes driving training possible” – explain. [Dha. Board-2019]
  20. “Technology makes it possible to learn motor driving” – explain. [Cu. Board-2019]
  21. “It is possible to learn driving at home” – explain. [Ba. Board-2019]
  22. “Safe driving training is possible through the use of special technology”- Explain. [Chi. Board-2017]
  23. Artificial intelligence is a type of expert system – understand and write. [Dha. Di. Jes. Syl. Board-2018]
  24. “Human capability to think and learn can be expressed in machines” – explain.
  25. Explain artificial intelligence. [Raj. Cu. Chi. Ba. Board-2018]
  26. ‘Machines can operate automatically’ – explain.
  27. Explain the technology used in hazardous work.
  28. “Robots are used in hazardous work” – explain. [Ma. Board-2017]
  29. “Employment of machine workers in hazardous work is convenient”-Explain.
  30. “Machines can acquire automatic decision-making capabilities”-Explain.
  31. “Manufacturing of goods in factories is possible automatically”-Explain.
  32. Explain the technology used in automated manufacturing.
  33. Explain the role of artificial Intelligence in robots.
  34. How does artificial intelligence relate to healthcare? Explain and write.
  35. “Computer is a program controlled machine”-Explain.
  36. “Machines can make decisions automatically”-Explain.
  37. “Bloodless operation is possible through cryosurgery” – explain. [Di. Board- 2016]
  38. Explain minimally invasive surgical procedure. [Chi. Board-2019]
  39. Operation is possible without bleeding – explain.
  40. “Treatment is possible using cooling process” – explain. [Cu. Board-2017]
  41. Explain the treatment in cold temperature. [Di. Board 2017, Raj. Board-2016]
  42. Explain the technology of personal identification. [Ba. Board 2017, Cu. Board-2016]
  43. ‘Biometric methods do not always identify individuals’ – explain.
  44. ‘Biometric technology sometimes fails to identify individuals’ – explain.
  45. Explain the method of identifying individuals through behavior. [Syl. Board-2019]
  46. Biometric is a technology based on behavioral characteristics – explain.
  47. The use of biometrics for office security is convenient. – explain.
  48. What is data used in bioinformatics? explain. [Jes. Board-2019]
  49. Write the advantages and disadvantages of bioinformatics.
  50. What impact does genetic engineering have on agriculture? explain.
  51. Which technology has been used to uncover the mystery of jute life? explain.
  52. Diabetics benefiting from recent trends in information technology – explain.
  53. How does genetic engineering help people? explain.
  54. Explain the technique of molecular level research. [Dha. Board-2017]
  55. Explain the technology used in manufacturing power efficient electronics.
  56. Nanotechnology has made modern life affordable and dynamic—explain.
  57. Explain ethics in the use of information and communication technology. [Jes. Board-2017]
  58. Information technology carries the risk of social degradation – explain.
  59. “Hacking is an unethical activity” – Explain. [Ba. Board-2016]
  60. “Cybercrime” is a threat to the technologies – Explain.
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