HSC ICT Chapter 4 : Comprehension Based Questions & Answers

How to write answers to a comprehension based question?

‘Comprehension’ refers to the ability to understand the meaning of a topic. It can be the ability to understand any information, policy, formula, rule, procedure, process etc.

Perceptual level is the second level of thinking skills. This question is given in ‘b’. Such questions do not directly ask for textbook-like details. So the student has to explain or describe the content in his own way.

Marks of comprehension based question will be 2. Out of which 1 is for knowledge and 1 is for comprehension.

Comprehension based questions should be answered in two paragraphs. Answers to knowledge section in the first paragraph and understanding section in the second paragraph.

Answers to comprehension based questions should be written in a maximum of five sentences as per the instruction of the Ministry of Education. But there is no problem if it is a little more or less.

In this case, irrelevant words, unnecessary information or redundant accusations cannot be made in the answer to the question.

2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Board Questions

  1. Explain the relationship of browsers to webpages. [Ra. Cu. chi. Ba. Board-2018, Ba. Board-2017, Dha. Board-2016]
  2. Website and webpage are not the same – explain. [Dha. Board-2019]
  3. Web browsers and search engines are not the same – explain. [Chi. Board-2019]
  4. “Continuously changing information website” – explain. [Chi. Board-2016]
  5. “Dynamic website is more convenient than static website” – Explain.
  6. In what cases static websites are more convenient than dynamic websites? -Explain.
  7. Write the difference between static and dynamic websites.
  8. Why are databases used in dynamic websites?
  9. Explain the importance of domain name.
  10. Domain name is unique – Explain. [Ra. Board-2019]
  11. The domain name of the website should be related to the organization – explain.
  12. Why is WWW in the domain name? explain. [Jess. Board-2016]
  13. Explain the top label domain.
  14. Explain ‘www.mangoinfo.com’. [Ra. Board-2016]
  15. A web address is not possible without a top level domain – explain.
  16. It is also possible to visit a website with an IP address – explain. [Ma. Board-2018]
  17. IP address is the numerical form of domain name – explain. [Jess. Board-2019]
  18. “Domain name is more convenient than IP address” – explain. [Cu. Board-2019, Di. Board-2017]
  19. Explain
  20. Write the difference between IPV4 and IPV6.
  21. Explain the hierarchical structure of websites.
  22. “Tree structure is more convenient than linear structure” -Explain.
  23. “Website structure depends on the type of organization” -Explain.
  24. “Webpages can be navigated sequentially”-explain.
  25. Explain the importance of HTML in web page design. [Cu. Board-2016]
  26. The way to learn and use HTML is simple – analyze the sentence. [Ma. Board-2019]
  27. HTML is not platform dependent – explain.
  28. HTML language is more popular for creating web pages – explain.
  29. HTML is not a case sensitive language – explain.
  30. Describe the advantages of using HTML. [Chi. Board-2017]
  31. Explain tags and attributes with examples.
  32. Write the difference between empty and container tags.
  33. Write the difference between opening and closing tags.
  34. Explain <b> and <br> tags.
  35. Explain the attributes of the <font> tag. [Ra. Board-2017]
  36. What is Hyperlink? – Explain.
  37. Hyperlink is an important element in web pages today – explain. [Dha. Board-2017]
  38. ‘href’ attribute is essential to create hyperlinks – explain.
  39. Explain the required attribute of hyperlink tag. [Syl. Board-2019]
  40. Explain the <img> tag. [Di. Board-2016]
  41. ‘src’ attribute is mandatory in the <img> tag -explain.
  42. Web hosting is important – explain. [Ba. Board-2019]
  43. Explain why hosting is necessary. [Dha. Di. Jess. Syl. Board-2018]
  44. Hosting is an important step in website publishing – explain. [Di. Board-2019, Syl. Board-2017]
  45. Why domain name registration is needed? explain. [Ba. Board-2016]
  46. Explain the importance of domain name. [Jess. Board-2017]


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