Fourth Chapter: Comprehension Based Questions & Answers

  1. Explain the relation of webpage with browser.
  2. Explain the dynamically changed website.
  3. Dynamic website is more convenient than static website-Explain.
  4. Why domain name should be registered?
  5. Explain the importance of domain name?
  6. “Domain name of a website should be related to the institute”-explain.
  7. Why www is used in a domain name? Explain.
  8. Explain the top level domain.
  9. It is not possible a web address without top level domain-explain.
  10. “Domain name is more convenient to use than IP address”-explain.
  11. Explain
  12. Explain the hierarchical structure of website.
  13. Explain the tree and linear structure.
  14. Explain the importance of HTML in webpage design.
  15. Describe the advantages of using HTML.
  16. HTML is more popular in creating webpage-explain.
  17. HTML is not a case sensitive language-explain.
  18. Hosting is an important step of website publishing. Explain.
  19. What is web design? Explain.
  20. What is hyperlink?-explain.
  21. Hyperlink is an important element for webpage today-explain.
  22. What is Web address or URL?-explain.
  23. Explain <img>.
  24. Explain the attributes of <font> tag.
  25. Describe tag and attribute with example.
  26. Explain two tags <a> and <br>.
  27. Is internet connection essential to view webpage? explain.
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