HSC ICT Chapter 2 : Comprehension Based Questions & Answers

How to write answers to a comprehension based question?

‘Comprehension’ refers to the ability to understand the meaning of a topic. It can be the ability to understand any information, policy, formula, rule, procedure, process etc.

Perceptual level is the second level of thinking skills. This question is given in ‘b’. Such questions do not directly ask for textbook-like details. So the student has to explain or describe the content in his own way.

Marks of comprehension based question will be 2. Out of which 1 is for knowledge and 1 is for comprehension.

Comprehension based questions should be answered in two paragraphs. Answers to knowledge section in the first paragraph and understanding section in the second paragraph.

Answers to comprehension based questions should be written in a maximum of five sentences as per the instruction of the Ministry of Education. But there is no problem if it is a little more or less.

In this case, irrelevant words, unnecessary information or redundant accusations cannot be made in the answer to the question.

2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Board Questions

  1. What does bandwidth 58 kbps mean?
  2. Explain 9600bps. [Dha. Board-2017]
  3. Explain which band 1.4 kbps refers to.
  4. Explain bandwidth of mobile phone.
  5. Explain bandwidth of telegraphy.
  6. Explain the bandwidth of data transfer from keyboard to computer. [Dha. Di. Jes. Syl. Board-2018]
  7. Explain character by character data transmission method.
  8. Why does asynchronous transmission take more time? explain [Chi. Board-2017]
  9. Explain the method of sending data from keyboard to computer.
  10. “Data can be transmitted at equal intervals”-Explain.
  11. Synchronous is convenient in data transmission- Explain. [Dha. Board-2019]
  12. Why primary memory is needed in synchronous transmission?
  13. Explain the data transmission method of downloading a file from a website.
  14. Explain the data transmission method of Facebook Live.
  15. Explain data transmission method of video call.
  16. Data can be transmitted in block/frame/packet form – Explain.
  17. Why is the isochronous method suitable for video data transmission?
  18. Explain data transmission mode. [Ra. Cu. Chi. Ba. Board-2018]
  19. Explain data transmission mode of mobile phone. [Di. Board-2019, Jess. Board-2017, Dha. Board-2016]
  20. Explain the mode of data transmission from keyboard to computer.
  21. “Data exchange is possible at the same time”- explain. [Cu. Board-2017]
  22. To which transmission mode can classroom teaching be compared? explain
  23. Why is it not possible to talk and listen simultaneously on Walkie Talkie? explain. [Ba. Board-2017]
  24. Explain data transmission mode of Walkie Talkie.
  25. Explain data transmission mode of radio.
  26. In which transmission can data be exchanged in both directions simultaneously? explain. [Jess. Board-2016]
  27. Explain point-to-point data transmission.
  28. Explain point-to-multipoint data transmission.
  29. Explain point-to-selected-multipoint data transmission.
  30. Why not multipoint-to-point data transmission?
  31. Why not multipoint-to-multipoint data transmission?
  32. Explain the data transmission mode of browsing a website.
  33. Write the difference between broadcast and multicast mode.
  34. Broadcasts are always simplex-Explain.
  35. Describe the fastest medium of data transmission. [Chi. Board-2017]
  36. Explain which cable is more efficient for data transmission.
  37. Explain the reason for using twist in twisted pair cable.
  38. Why is fiber optic cable safe in data transmission? [Ba. Board-2016]
  39. “Light-conducting wire is good for data transmission”-Explain. [Chi. Board-2016]
  40. Fiber optic cables transmit data at high speeds – explain. [Di. Board-2016]
  41. “Fiber optic cable is called the backbone of the network”- Explain. [Di. Board-2017]
  42. “Data transmission is possible at the speed of light”-explain. [Ra. Board-2016]
  43. “Explain the medium of data transfer in light signals. [Jess. Board-2019]
  44. Why is fiber optic cable EMI free? [Ra. Board-2017]
  45. Explain the magnetically free cable. [Syl. Board-2019]
  46. Why can’t fiber optic cable be bent in U shape?
  47. Explain the cable used to transmit data at the speed of light. [Cu. Board-2016]
  48. Explain the bandwidth of fiber optic cable. [Syl. Board-2017]
  49. Data transmission is possible by total internal reflection method of light-explain.
  50. Explain non-metallic cable medium. [Chi. Board-2019]
  51. Why is multicomponent glass used in making fiber optic cables? explain.
  52. The cable is called the backbone of the network – explain. [Syl. Board-2016]
  53. In which type of communication system the transmitter and receiver remain line of sight?
  54. Why is microwave or infrared not used in mobile phones?
  55. Why is radio web used instead of infrared in TV remotes?
  56. Explain the wave used in satellite. [Ra. Board-2019]
  57. “Free data transfer possible over short distances”- Explain. [Syl. Board-2017]
  58. Bluetooth technology is suitable for WPAN -Explain.
  59. Explain the need for WiFi passwords.
  60. How to secure data in WiFi zone?
  61. WiFi technology is suitable for WLAN networks – explain.
  62. Write the difference between WiFi and WiMAX.
  63. WiMAX technology is suitable for WMAN -Explain.
  64. In what cases is it rationale to use WiMAX instead of Wi-Fi – explain.
  65. Explain the technology of IEEE 802.16 standard. [Syl. Board-2019]
  66. Which is more convenient between 2G and 3G? explain.
  67. 4G speed is about 50 times faster than 3G – explain. [Ma. Board-2019]
  68. Internet can be used with the help of 3rd generation mobile – explain. [Dha. Di. Jess. Syl. Board-2018]
  69. At one time the maximum speed available on mobile internet was 171.2 kbps – explain. [Ma. Board-2019]
  70. Which networking technology can transfer data most reliably and why?
  71. What does network organization mean?
  72. Neither modulation alone nor demodulation alone can be effective methods of data transmission – explain.
  73. “Modem plays an important role in data exchange”-Explain.
  74. Which is more convenient between switch and hub? explain. 
  75. ‘Switches are better than hubs’ – explain. [Cu. Board-2019]
  76. What are the advantages of using switches instead of hubs – Explain. [Ma. Board-2017]
  77. Explain how to strengthen a weak signal.
  78. In which case the gateway is more effective?- explain.
  79. Explain the reason for using MAC address.
  80. “Tree topology is multiple connected star topology”-Explain.
  81. “Mesh Topology is reliable” – Explain.
  82. Explain in which case mesh topology is more useful.
  83. Explain the topology in which all computers are connected to each other. [Ra. Board-2019]
  84. In which topology nodes can exchange data with each other relatively fast?- explain. [Ba. Board-2019]
  85. “It is possible to get/provide computing services online”-Explain.
  86. “Cloud computing best in secure data storage”-Explain. [Di. Board-2019]
  87. Security in cloud computing is relatively less – Explain. [Ba. Board-2019]
  88. How to automatically update and maintain software?-Explain. [Ra. Cu. Chi. Ba. Board-2018]
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