Second Chapter: Comprehension Based Questions & Answers.

  1. What is the reason to take more time in asynchronous transmission?-Explain.
  2. Explain character by character data transmission method.
  3. Why primary memory is needed in synchronous transmission method?-Explain.
  4. “Data can be transmitted in same intervals”-Explain.
  5. Explain the data transmission mode of the Radio.
  6. Why is it not possible to talk and listen simultaneously in the Walkie Talkie?
  7. Which transmission mode can be compared to the teaching in class room?-Explain.
  8. Explain the data transmission mode of Walkie Talkie.
  9.  Explain the data transmission mode of Mobile Phone.
  10. In which data transmission mode data can be transmitted in both sides simultaneously?
  11. “It is possible to exchange data simultaneously” –Explain.
  12. Explain 9600 bps.
  13. What do you understand by bandwidth 128kbps?
  14. “Light signal carrying wire is the best in data transmission” – Explain.
  15. Why is fiber optic cable more effective in data transmission?
  16. Describe the medium having high data transmission speed.
  17. Explain the reason of exchanging data in high speed in fiber optical cable.
  18. Why fiber optic cable is safe for data transmission?
  19. Explain the cable that is used for data transmission as light speed.
  20. “It is possible to transfer data in light speed”- Explain.
  21. Why optical fiber cable is called the backbone of network? –Explain.
  22. Why optical fiber cable is free from EMI?
  23. Describe the bandwidth of optical fiber.
  24. “It is possible to transfer data by means of total internal reflection of light”-Explain.
  25. Why multi-component glass is used for creating optical fiber? Explain.
  26. In which communication system transmitter and receiver remain in line of sight?
  27. “It is possible to transfer data in short distance without any cost”- Explain.
  28. How to make WiFi zone data secured?-Explain.
  29. Explain the necessity of password in WiFi.
  30. In which case WiMAX is more convenient to use than WiFi? –Explain.
  31. Write the similarities and dissimilarities between WiFi and WiMAX.
  32. Which one of 2G and 3G network is more convenient?-Explain.
  33. Which network technology can exchange data precisely?
  34. Explain the role of modem in data communication.
  35. Modems play an important role in exchanging data-Explain.
  36. Only modulation or demodulation cannot be effective method-Explain.
  37. Which one of switch and hub is more convenient? Explain.
  38. Explain the way of strengthening the weak signal in data transmission.
  39. Why cloud computing service is accepted?


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