HSC ICT Chapter 6 : Comprehension Based Questions & Answers

How to write answers to a comprehension based question?

‘Comprehension’ refers to the ability to understand the meaning of a topic. It can be the ability to understand any information, policy, formula, rule, procedure, process etc.

Perceptual level is the second level of thinking skills. This question is given in ‘b’. Such questions do not directly ask for textbook-like details. So the student has to explain or describe the content in his own way.

Marks of comprehension based question will be 2. Out of which 1 is for knowledge and 1 is for comprehension.

Comprehension based questions should be answered in two paragraphs. Answers to knowledge section in the first paragraph and understanding section in the second paragraph.

Answers to comprehension based questions should be written in a maximum of five sentences as per the instruction of the Ministry of Education. But there is no problem if it is a little more or less.

In this case, irrelevant words, unnecessary information or redundant accusations cannot be made in the answer to the question.

2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Board Questions

  1. Field and record are not same-explain./Field is not dependent on the record-explain.
  2. Is there needed data validation in DBMS? Explain.
  3. Explain the role of database administrator.
  4. What do you understand by data type? Explain.
  5. Why currency field is used?
  6. Why memo data type is used?
  7. Explain the necessity of database query.
  8. Why SQL is called the arms of database?
  9. Why SQL is called very high level language?
  10. Why SQL is called non-procedural or functional language?
  11. SQL is a collection of statements-explain.
  12. Why composite primary key field is used?
  13. Why data type of primary key and foreign key in database relation should be same?
  14. Primary key and foreign key are not same-explain.
  15. What is meant by uniqueness of a primary key?
  16. Write the role of primary key in database relation.
  17. Sorting and indexing are not same-explain.
  18. “It is not possible to do sorting based on OLE object”-explain.
  19. “On which data types sorting cannot be done”-explain.
  20. If data entries in indexed table, indexed file is updated automatically-explain.
  21. Indexing makes the database system faster-explain.
  22. Indexing doesn’t change the main file-explain.
  23. Write the conditions for creating the relation between two tables.
  24. Explain the type of database having NID related information.
  25. Explain the database of a large financial company.
  26. Explain the process of data security.
  27. Why data encryption is done? Explain./ Why encryption is important for database security?
  28. Plain text and cipher text are not same-explain.
  29. How data security is ensured in personal life.
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