HSC ICT Chapter 3 : Knowledge Based Questions & Answers

How to write answers to knowledgebase questions?

The knowledgebase question is given to test the memory. That is, you can answer this part by memorizing any information from the text book. Answers should be given in one sentence or a maximum of three sentences as per the demand of the question. Mark allotted to this question is 1.


Number System:

  1. What is number?
  2. What is digit? [Madrasa Board-2017]
  3. What is the number system? [Jessore Board-2017, Madrasa Board-2016]
  4. What is non-positional number system?
  5. What is positional number system?
  6. What is binary number system? [Dhaka Board-2019]
  7. What is bit/byte?
  8. What is octal number system?
  9. What is decimal number system?
  10. What is hexadecimal number system?
  11. What is local value?
  12. What is radix point? [Madrasa Board-2018]
  13. What is base/base of number system? [Dhaka Board-2017, Chittagong Board-2017]
  14. What is a signed number?
  15. What is sign bit?
  16. What is 1’s complement?
  17. What is 2’s complement? [Sylhet Board-2017]
  18. What is the code key/computer code? [Barisal Board-2019, All Boards-2018, Dinajpur Board-2017, Rajshahi Board-2016]
  19. What is BCD? [Jessore, Sylhet Board-2019, Cumilla Board-2017, Dhaka, Dinajpur Board-2016]
  20. What is alphanumeric code?
  21. What is ASCII? [Rajshahi Board-2019, Chittagong Board-2016]
  22. What is EBCDIC?
  23. What is Unicode? [Cumilla, Chittagong, Dinajpur Board-2019, Rajshahi Board-2017]

Digital Device:

  1. What is Boolean algebra?
  2. What is Boolean variable?
  3. What is Boolean constant?
  4. What is Boolean complement?
  5. What is a Boolean postulate?
  6. What is Boolean duality principle?
  7. What is truth table?
  8. What is Boolean Theorem?
  9. Write down the De-Morgan’s Theorems.
  10. What is logic gate?
  11. What is basic logic gate?
  12. What is compound logic gates?
  13. What is universal logic gate?
  14. What is encoder?
  15. What is decoder?
  16. What is adder?
  17. What is half adder?
  18. What is full adder?
  19. What is binary adder?
  20. What is flip-flop?
  21. What is register?
  22. What is counter?
  23. What is modulus or Mode Number?


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