Logic Circuit for Logic function & Logic function from Logic circuit

Circuit Implementation

At the end of this lesson-

1. You will be able to implement any function.

2. You will be able to determine function from any circuit. 


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Implementation of any function:

  • The function may need to be implemented with only basic gates.
  • The function may need to be implemented with only universal gates.
  • The function may need to be implemented using any type of gates.
  • After simplifying the function, It may need to be implemented by basic or universal gates.


The following rules or sequences are followed to implement the function using the basic gates:

  • If the function needs to be simplified, it needs to be simplified first.
  • A common line has to be drawn for each of the variables in the function.
  • From the left of the function the basic operations( NOT, AND, OR)  must be done respectively. In this case the parentheses “()” must be given the priority.


Example-1: Implement the following function using only basic gates.

Boolean Function


Circuit Implementation











Example-2: Implement the following function.

Boolean Function


Circuit Implementation


Logic function from Logic Circuit:

  • It may need to simplify logic functions from logic circuit.
  • Simplified functions from a logic circuit can be implemented by  basic or universal gates.


Example-1: Determine the simplified function from the following circuit.

Logic circuit


Function Simplification


Example-2: Implement the simplified function of the following circuit.

Logic Circuit


Output Function

Now implement the above simplified function-

Circuit implementation for simplified function


Lesson Evaluation-

Knowledge Based Questions:

Comprehension Based Questions:

Creative Questions:

Multiple Choice Questions:

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