First Chapter Lesson-3: Principal elements related to the concept of global village.

At the end of this lesson-

1. You will be able to explain different types of communications. 

2. You will be able to explain the easiest ways of communication. 

3. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in employment sector.

4. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in education sector.

5. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in treatment sector.

6. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in research sector.

7. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in office management sector.

8. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in creating smart home sector.

9. You will be able to explain the concept of e-commerce. 

10. You will be able to explain the role of ICT in entertainment and social communication.


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People used post office to send a letter or for communication that took huge amount of time to reach. But today E-mail, telephone , mobile used for communication that take few seconds.This changes of communication makes the world village.

Different types of communication-

Verbal Communication e.g. Mobile, Skype, Teleconferencing, Video   Conferencing , Radio, Television etc.

Non-verbal Communication e.g. Eye contact, hand movement etc.

Written Communication e.g.E-mail, SMS, Fax etc.

Popular medium of communication

  • E-mail
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video Conferencing

E-mail: Electronic mail (e-mail) is a method of exchanging messages between people using electronics.Today’s email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email servers accept, forward, deliver, and store messages.Sender and Receiver are not required to be online simultaneously.Every sender and recipient should have unique email address. Example-

Teleconferencing: Teleconferencing is a technique that uses  telecommunication devices to hold discussions among participants in different locations. A meeting arranged via teleconferencing. It saves time and money because participants do not need to attend physically. Teleconferencing may be of two types-

  • Video conferencing
  • Audio conferencing

A video conference is a live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for the purpose of communication. It provides transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations.Uses for video conferencing include holding routine meetings, negotiating business deals and interviewing job candidates. imo, WhatsApp, viber, etc. are used in video conferencing.

A audio conference is a live connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for the purpose of communication.  It provides transmission of  high-quality audio between multiple locations. imo, WhatsApp, viber, etc. are used in audio conferencing.



For Using ICT, Employment increased locally and globally. Freelancing and Outsourcing have made a new door of employment.

Outsourcing is a practice in which an individual or company performs tasks, provides services or manufactures products from another company. Outsourcing is typically used by companies to save costs.

Freelancing means working on a contract basis for a variety of companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer for long-term.



ICT is an important tool for Education.There was a time when people had to go from village to town and from one country to another country for learning. So time, money and effort had to be spent more. But today this concept has been changed for ICT.

Today students do not need to go from village to town or from one country to another country. As a result, need less time, money end effort.Teachers can teach sitting at home. And students can learn and attend in exam sitting at home. Students can asses themselves participating in online exam. Even students do not need to go to a particular location for getting result.


An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device like smart phone, tablet, e-book reader etc.

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There was a time when there were two types of patients and doctors. Village patient and Doctor or Urban patient and Doctor. Patients should go to the hospital or Doctors should go to the patients for treatment.Today  with the help of ICT or global village, this concept has been changed in treatment. Currently providing or receiving treatment doctor or the patient is no longer going to rural to urban or from one country to another country. Patients sitting anywhere in the world can receive any medical services.

Telemedicine also referred to as “telehealth” or “e-health” allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows patients in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel.



In the field of research, ICT is playing a vital rule. There was a time when people had to go research center, library or one country to another country to collect data for research work. More than one person worked with same topic, because they didn’t know who is working with what. Even if one died without completing research work , the work progress would be stopped. Now this concept has been changed for ICT. Today researcher does not have to move to a research center or a library or from one country to another country. With the help of ICT researchers can collect  all the information sitting at home.



With the conceptual global village in the changed world, this system is going to be a massive change to the office. Now a days, Service holders or services on the receiver are not being rushed from one place to another place. Services can be taken from anywhere in the world sitting in the office. No need infrastructure or permanent address for office. Office files and methods of working in the office are being changing to save paper. Internet, Computers, website have become as essential for today’s virtual office, or digital office.

Office automation refers to the various computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks. Office automation helps in optimizing existing office procedures. The backbone of office automation is a LAN, which allows users to transfer data, mail and even voice across the network.

Advantages of office automation:

  • Office automation can get many tasks accomplished faster.
  • It eliminates the need for a large staff.
  • Less storage is required to store data.
  • Multiple people can update data simultaneously in the event of changes in schedule.



Habitat is one of the fundamental rights of  human. Today people have made resident with the help of  ICT and have developed smart or digital home.

Smart Home is the term commonly used to define a residence that has appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.



A couple of years ago, every buyer-seller of the products had to go from one village to another village for selling or purchasing. Now, this concept of business has been changed. For purchasing or selling of goods, the buyer-seller do not need to go from one village to another or from one country to another country. Buyers- dealers can take inquiries about both product markets through mobile phone. All product producers and service providers can promote their products throw website. Customer or consumer can give order with their liking and can pay online.

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E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.,, etc. are some e-commerce platform.

Types of e-commerce

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Advantages of e-commerce-

  • Faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products.
  • Buying/selling 24/7.
  • More reach to customers, there is no geographic limitations.
  • Low operational costs and better quality of services.
  • No need of physical company set-ups.
  • Easy to start and manage a business.
  • Customers can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically.

Disadvantages of e-commerce-

  • Any one, good or bad, can easily start a business.
  • There is no guarantee of product quality.
  • Mechanical failures can cause unpredictable effects on the total processes.
  • As there is minimum chance of direct customer to company interactions, customer loyalty is always on a check.
  • There are many hackers who look for opportunities, and thus an e-commerce site, service, payment gateways, all are always prone to attack.


Entertainment and Social Communication:

There was a time, the local sports, music of various types were the main sources of entertainment. The invention of Cinema, radio, television etc has undergone a lot of changes in entertainment. Global village that have changed the world of entertainment. People watch video, listen audio from different website that is free. People can play online game sitting in different locations. Example:, etc.

Letter was the primary means of social communication. For this reason letter have occupied the larger part of world literature. Letter writing is no longer available. People of global village use, for social communication. Today, only internet connected computer is the important medium for entertainment and social communication. Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Social medias are-  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Vimeo accounts etc.

Advantages of social media-

  • Worldwide Connectivity.
  • Commonality of Interest.
  • Real-Time Information Sharing.
  • Targeted Advertising.
  • Increased News Cycle Speed.

Disadvantages of social media-

  • Backlash.
  • Cyber bullying and Crimes Against Children.
  • Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft.
  • Time Waster.
  • Corporate Invasion of Privacy.


Cultural Exchange: 

A wide range of information and communication technologies to communicate human welfare of the people from all over the world have the opportunity to be in contact with culture. Social networking website Facebook, Twitter, etc have the opportunity to exchange information with each other too easily. YouTube or through the website of this kind of audio or video in exchange for the culture exchange among the people of different culture happening.


Lesson Evaluation-

Knowledge Based Questions:

a. What is email?

a. What is teleconferencing?

a. What is audio conferencing?

a. What is video conferencing?

a. What is Outsourcing?

a. What is Freelancing?

a. What is freelancer?

a. What is distance learning?

a. What is telemedicine?

a. What is office automation?

a. What is e-commerce?

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Comprehension Based Questions:

b. Write down the role of online library in education.

b. “It is possible to read in book from remote library”- explain.

b. “Telemedicine is a kind of service” explain.

b. “Treatment can be taken sitting at home”-explain.

b. How e-commerce made buying and selling easier? Explain.

b. “Now a days It is more convenient to do shopping sitting at home” –Explain.

b. “It is possible to earn money sitting at home” explain.

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b. “Now a days, It doesn’t need to go to abroad for earning foreign currency”-explain.

b. “ICT has created easier ways to earn money for the people who has knowledge of ICT”-Explain.

b. What do you understand by social communication media?

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Creative Questions:

Read the stem and answer the following questions: 

Mr. Raihan uses his laptop to watch various shows from around the world and talks to American immigrant boys every day. Neighbors Debir collected his various agricultural advice and services from the agriculturalists through Raihan Sahib. Raihan’s daughter, Liza, collected the necessary information from a foreign library and university through a laptop and obtained a foreign degree sitting at home.

c) In the case of Mr. Raihan , what element related to the concept of Global village is reflected? Explain.

d) Analyze the impact of Liza’s activities on the education of our country.

Read the stem and answer the following questions: 

Mithila lives in Canada. When she miss her mother she talks to her mother as well as seeing the picture of her mother. The mother asks the girl, “How is this possible? ” The technology used by Mithila is gradually gaining popularity. On the other hand, Konok communicate with his office staff at various locations using communication technology and make a decision on a topic.

c) Describe the technology used by Mithila as mentioned in the stem to communicate with his mother.

d) Do a comparative discussion between Mithila and Konok’s techniques mentioned in the stem.

Read the stem and answer the following questions: 

Mr. Maqbul was upset for not getting a job after passing the Honors. At that time he could know through one of his friends that it is possible to earn money from online. After that, Mr. Maqbul started freelancing with learning web development by watching video tutorials from various websites through the internet and became solvent financially.

c) Explain the importance of the method by which Mr. Maqbul learned web Development.

d) The method of earning money of Mr. Maqbul mentioned in the stem is contributing significantly to the employment – argue.


Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Which invention has made global communication easier?

a) computer     b) telephone     c) artificial satellite     d) telegraph

2. It can be done with the help of the Internet –

i. Support in the text book       ii. Completion of admission activities       iii. Online Classes 

Which one is correct?

a) i & ii       b) i & iii       c) ii & iii      d) i, ii & iii

3. A patient can get services from a distant doctor through which technique?

a) Video conference       b) Online chatting        c) Telemedicine         d) Voice call

4. The key to the current business is –

a) E-commerce      b) E-mail      c) Inland commerce      d) Internal commerce

5. What is called the use of information and technology in the administration?

a) G-Governance       b) I-Governance      c) E-Governance       d) T-Governance

6. The reason for using ICT in the office are-

i. Working accurately        ii. Manifestation         iii. Act fast

Which one is correct?

a) i & ii       b) i & iii       c) ii & iii      d) i, ii & iii


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